Being Transmed

So I acknowledge that I will most likely get hate on this post just like I did with my gender dysphoria one, but I honestly don't care. I'm transmed and I wouldn't necessarily say the transmed side of things is better than the tucutes but I will say that I have seen an increasing percentage… Continue reading Being Transmed

Changing Your Name and Gender Marker in Texas

Back in January I had my name and gender marker changed in Austin, Texas. Changing your name is honestly incredibly easy but changing your gender marker is a lot harder than people think. Not every county grants gender marker changes so if you're looking to change both your name and gender, I recommend going to… Continue reading Changing Your Name and Gender Marker in Texas

My Top Surgery Experience!

My name is Keith and I had top surgery on May 21, 2020. This post will contain photos of my chest but they are NOT graphic! I'm really happy with my results and I saw Dr. Polsen in Texas. I was his first transgender patient undergoing top surgery. In my personal situation, I had a… Continue reading My Top Surgery Experience!

My Journey Being a Trans Man

I know there's a LOT of posts about being trans but I wanted to write about my personal experience because  I've never written about it before. I've been out for over a year, changed my name/gender on my documents, and I had top surgery almost 2 months ago. Right now my transition is actually complete… Continue reading My Journey Being a Trans Man


I wanted to rewrite my old post about transtrenders and just like always, this is my own opinion. Feel free to comment if you'd like! What is a transtrender you may ask? Well, it's a person who calls themselves transgender because they think it makes them look cool or special. Now I ain't talking about… Continue reading Transtrenders