Gaslighting is used by delusional psychopaths who want nothing more than to make someone they know question their own sanity. It's absolutely atrocious and I haven't seen anyone talk about this, so here I am. If you are oblivious to what gaslighting even entails, I'll quickly show you the definition. ╭─────────╮Gaslighting Manipulate (someone) by psychological… Continue reading Gaslighting

Your First Job: Tips & Advice

So, we all know due to the pandemic there has been a significant increase of unemployed people. Luckily there are many companies such as Target and Kroger that have been hiring tons of people and even granting raises! I was able to get a job at a yogurt shop that's fairly popular and it's called… Continue reading Your First Job: Tips & Advice

Stop Wasting Your Time

First things first, stop wasting your time on people who don't care about you, people who aren't good for you, people that will hurt you in the long run, etc. You need to realize that your happiness and well-being is IMPORTANT and you shouldn't suffer under the hands of someone you know currently or knew.… Continue reading Stop Wasting Your Time

How to Dye Your Hair!

I've been dying my hair for four years now and I thought it would be nice to go into my typical hair dying routine and such! I know a lot of people go into hair dying kind of blind aka they don't know what they're doing but I'll try to simplify everything for you. I… Continue reading How to Dye Your Hair!

My Journey w/ Labels

This is my own personal experience regarding me finding labels and placing them onto myself. I hope this can be somewhat relatable and informational in some ways. .  *     ✦     .      ⁺   .⁺       ˚ When I was 13, that was when I found the LGBT community and started driving into the fascinating… Continue reading My Journey w/ Labels