Clothing ≠ Gender Part 2

Part one of this two part series can be located here: In that post I go over basic things such as changing your clothes doesn't mean you're "switching genders" and talking about how clothing can help out your dysphoria. In this post I want to go into depth about my personal experiences dealing with… Continue reading Clothing ≠ Gender Part 2

A Letter to My Past Self ღ

This letter is directed towards my past self aka someone who used to go by a different name and a different set of pronouns. While we are the same person, my experiences now are far much better. Dear Past Self... Your life is gonna be one hell of a bumpy ride, but you'll make the… Continue reading A Letter to My Past Self ღ

Romantic Relationships Aren’t a Necessity

Time and time again we see young kids get pressured into thinking they have to be in a relationship to feel loved, they have to have a partner because being single is "bad", etc. It's absolutely sick and false, relationships don't automatically make you happy and they don't fix your mental issues either. Being single… Continue reading Romantic Relationships Aren’t a Necessity

General Tso’s Tofu!

Note: This isn't my recipe but I've been making it lately and I thought some people would enjoy it! It tastes very good and I'm a picky eater so that's saying something lol. If you want to save the recipe go here: you can even print it out. First you need to set out… Continue reading General Tso’s Tofu!

My Top Surgery Experience!

My name is Keith and I had top surgery on May 21, 2020. This post will contain photos of my chest but they are NOT graphic! I'm really happy with my results and I saw Dr. Polsen in Texas. I was his first transgender patient undergoing top surgery. In my personal situation, I had a… Continue reading My Top Surgery Experience!