Stop Fetishizing Trans People

This is something I've been wanting to talk about for a while now and I'm absolutely tired of waiting around for the right moment to mention this. I am sick of people treating trans people as if we are your little toys and shit. And no, if you like trans people that doesn't mean you're… Continue reading Stop Fetishizing Trans People

Clothing ≠ Gender Part 2

Part one of this two part series can be located here: In that post I go over basic things such as changing your clothes doesn't mean you're "switching genders" and talking about how clothing can help out your dysphoria. In this post I want to go into depth about my personal experiences dealing with… Continue reading Clothing ≠ Gender Part 2

My Top Surgery Experience!

My name is Keith and I had top surgery on May 21, 2020. This post will contain photos of my chest but they are NOT graphic! I'm really happy with my results and I saw Dr. Polsen in Texas. I was his first transgender patient undergoing top surgery. In my personal situation, I had a… Continue reading My Top Surgery Experience!

My Journey Being a Trans Man

I know there's a LOT of posts about being trans but I wanted to write about my personal experience because  I've never written about it before. I've been out for over a year, changed my name/gender on my documents, and I had top surgery almost 2 months ago. Right now my transition is actually complete… Continue reading My Journey Being a Trans Man

Cancel culture sucks

You might've heard the term "cancelled" when referred to public figures such as people who are on YouTube or maybe even famous actors. Those public figures might've said something wrong, like saying a homophobic slur and whatnot in the past or even the present. Maybe they even committed a crime. Regardless who and what we… Continue reading Cancel culture sucks