Goosebumps is a book series created by R.L. Stein and was turned into a tv series in the 90's + a couple of movies came out within 2015/2018. It's a well known series haha, many people still love it to this day. Even though I wasn't born in the 90's, I've been collecting Goosebumps books… Continue reading Goosebumps!

Hormones ≠ Trans

Just because someone stops taking hormones does NOT mean they are detransitioning. Just because someone never takes hormones doesn't mean they aren't trans nor valid. You cannot dictate what trans people do, hormones are dangerous and can impact your body in so many different ways that it's unreal. Take Miles McKenna for example, he has… Continue reading Hormones ≠ Trans

What Is Trichotillomania?

Since around the age of 13-14, I have been pulling out my own eyebrow hairs and eyelashes. Everyone around me thought I was doing it because I was bored or just because I wanted to do it but that was not the case at all. I have a mental disorder called trichotillomania that causes me… Continue reading What Is Trichotillomania?

Is being “too inclusive” bad?

Honestly I personally believe regardless of what we are talking about, there is a thing such as being too inclusive. The LGBT community is a great example because not only does it try to include every single human being on earth, it also does a bad job at it. A second example I wanted to… Continue reading Is being “too inclusive” bad?

I Finally Graduated 🥳

]As of June 6, 2020, I have officially graduated from high school. I never wanted to attend an actual high school graduation ceremony nor did I even care about things like prom but I'm so incredibly proud of myself. I am graduating with all A's! I never would've thought I could've came this far but… Continue reading I Finally Graduated 🥳