Misconceptions About Being Asexual

This isn't really something I talk about in detail to anyone. If I ever do mention being asexual, it's just a brief statement and that's pretty much it. I've known I was asexual since about 16 years old, so for about two years now. Asexual just means you have no sexual attraction but that doesn't… Continue reading Misconceptions About Being Asexual

Monster High LGBT Characters

Since it's almost time for spooky season, I decided to write a post about LGBT representation regarding Monster High characters. Created by Garrett Sander and made into a web series/doll line in 2010, Monster High is known for being a one of a kind brand. All of the dolls are extremely unique and everyone is… Continue reading Monster High LGBT Characters

Hormones ≠ Trans

Just because someone stops taking hormones does NOT mean they are detransitioning. Just because someone never takes hormones doesn't mean they aren't trans nor valid. You cannot dictate what trans people do, hormones are dangerous and can impact your body in so many different ways that it's unreal. Take Miles McKenna for example, he has… Continue reading Hormones ≠ Trans

Be Patient

Soooo...we all can be a bit impatient, right? Even though you may consider yourself to be the #1 most patient person in the world, obviously everyone slips up. You might get impatient about how slow McDonald's is, how your crush is taking their time to figure out if they like you or not, how your… Continue reading Be Patient

It’s Okay to Be Sensitive

It's perfectly fine to be sensitive and obviously there's a difference between being sensitive and full on acting immature just because you didn't get your way regarding a situation. If you're sensitive and you cry easily, what's the problem? If you're a little kid and you didn't get a "boy toy" in the happy meal… Continue reading It’s Okay to Be Sensitive