Misconceptions About Being Asexual

This isn't really something I talk about in detail to anyone. If I ever do mention being asexual, it's just a brief statement and that's pretty much it. I've known I was asexual since about 16 years old, so for about two years now. Asexual just means you have no sexual attraction but that doesn't… Continue reading Misconceptions About Being Asexual

Be Patient

Soooo...we all can be a bit impatient, right? Even though you may consider yourself to be the #1 most patient person in the world, obviously everyone slips up. You might get impatient about how slow McDonald's is, how your crush is taking their time to figure out if they like you or not, how your… Continue reading Be Patient

Different Political Standpoints

Do you ever see conservatives bashing liberals? Or maybe vise versa? Everyone has different political standpoints, without those different mindsets we would all think the same on everything. We need different views from groups of people so we can form laws, organizations, etc. Obviously regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum there can… Continue reading Different Political Standpoints

Stop Demanding Debates

It's honestly extremely annoying to be confronted by someone over my opinion and then be asked to provide an explanation. I honestly do not want to get into a debate nor just a long discussion about how I think aces aren't LGBT or some other topic we are talking about. Unless we are talking about… Continue reading Stop Demanding Debates

What It’s Like Having a Blood Disorder

When you hear "blood disorder" you may think of this scary term that signifies something is wrong with your blood. It can be somewhat tense to deal with, especially since it impacts your blood's ability to function. There are many blood conditions, but right now we will be talking about mine which is hereditary spherocytosis.… Continue reading What It’s Like Having a Blood Disorder