Misconceptions About Being Asexual

This isn't really something I talk about in detail to anyone. If I ever do mention being asexual, it's just a brief statement and that's pretty much it. I've known I was asexual since about 16 years old, so for about two years now. Asexual just means you have no sexual attraction but that doesn't… Continue reading Misconceptions About Being Asexual

Monster High LGBT Characters

Since it's almost time for spooky season, I decided to write a post about LGBT representation regarding Monster High characters. Created by Garrett Sander and made into a web series/doll line in 2010, Monster High is known for being a one of a kind brand. All of the dolls are extremely unique and everyone is… Continue reading Monster High LGBT Characters

You Need Gender Dysphoria in Order to Be Trans

There's been many, many, MANY people on social media stating you DON'T need gender dysphoria in order to be trans so I'm here to state otherwise. Feel free to harass me in the comments but you're gonna show your true colors fyi. I'm a trans guy and honestly it's extremely frustrating dealing with people who… Continue reading You Need Gender Dysphoria in Order to Be Trans

Different Political Standpoints

Do you ever see conservatives bashing liberals? Or maybe vise versa? Everyone has different political standpoints, without those different mindsets we would all think the same on everything. We need different views from groups of people so we can form laws, organizations, etc. Obviously regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum there can… Continue reading Different Political Standpoints

LGBT Stereotypes

At least once within your lifetime you'll hear about a stereotype targeted against a certain group of people. Maybe it's that only boys play sports, all Americans are obsessed with guns, etc. Regardless of what the stereotype is, they're all a fixated view on what a certain group of people look like, how they act,… Continue reading LGBT Stereotypes