Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Even though there are several different types of personality disorders, we will be talking about one specific disorder, which is narcissistic personality disorder. But what exactly is narcissistic personality disorder? Narcissistic Personality Disorder:a disorder in which a person has an inflated sense of self-importance. A brief overview of what NPD is can also be defined… Continue reading Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Monster High LGBT Characters

Since it's almost time for spooky season, I decided to write a post about LGBT representation regarding Monster High characters. Created by Garrett Sander and made into a web series/doll line in 2010, Monster High is known for being a one of a kind brand. All of the dolls are extremely unique and everyone is… Continue reading Monster High LGBT Characters

How to Fix Your Sleep Schedule 💤

I'm pretty sure a lot of people here have had experiences with their sleep schedule being all wonky and whatnot. Even though this experience might be fairly common, being unable to sleep can take a toll on your overall well being and is a serious issue. Obviously not every solution works with everyone but it's… Continue reading How to Fix Your Sleep Schedule 💤

Romantic Relationships Aren’t a Necessity

Time and time again we see young kids get pressured into thinking they have to be in a relationship to feel loved, they have to have a partner because being single is "bad", etc. It's absolutely sick and false, relationships don't automatically make you happy and they don't fix your mental issues either. Being single… Continue reading Romantic Relationships Aren’t a Necessity

General Tso’s Tofu!

Note: This isn't my recipe but I've been making it lately and I thought some people would enjoy it! It tastes very good and I'm a picky eater so that's saying something lol. If you want to save the recipe go here: you can even print it out. First you need to set out… Continue reading General Tso’s Tofu!