My Top Surgery Anniversary

So, May 21st, is my one year anniversary of having top surgery. I remember being so excited that I could finally get what I’ve wanted for so many years & it’s so odd how it’s already been a year. My recovery process was pretty simple and it actually wasn’t bad at all, just a bit annoying. I wrote a post last year about my overall recovery process and I’ll quote what I’ve said:


July 2020

“I had drains for 24 hours and I wore a compression vest for about 2 weeks. After those 2 weeks I switched to a wrap which I still wear because I place these silicone scar sheets on my scars and if I don’t place a wrap on them they could potentially fall off.

I’m now over a month post op and I feel great! My right nipple had a tiny hole but it’s already healing and it has covered up. My scars are so smooth as well! I had barley any pain during the entire process, I mainly felt uncomfortable. I was able to extend my arms fully maybe a week or two after surgery but honestly I can’t remember.

I saw my surgeon once a week for about a month and he basically examined me and the nurses took off my old bandages and applied new ones. It’s a simple process honestly!”


Let me tell you, it’s so weird not having to wear a binder anymore. I only wore one for only less than a year but I got used to it so not having to wear it 24/7 was an odd experience. I felt like a different person honestly after I had surgery because I felt kind of “complete” if that makes sense. It was a huge milestone for me because it signaled that my transition is technically over.

This surgery is not cheap at all so being able to even get it so quickly was amazing. It’s currently 1:00 a.m. over here but whenever I wake up I’m going to eat a red velvet cupcake and watch a playthrough of resident evil village because why not?

Below is a comparison of a couple of days after my surgery and what I look like now. I cannot show my nipples which is kind of unfortunate since that is a major part of my surgery.

user uploaded image

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