Grades ≠ Skills & Worth

You’re probably thinking, “what does the title mean?” Well, I’m basically saying that grades don’t dictate what skills you’re good/bad in and that you’re worth more than an A+ in algebra. Trust me, I am a total pro in English (at least that’s what I tell myself lmao) and I have had low B’s before but I put literally all of my blood, sweat, and tears into my work. Teachers can be hard graders and sometimes you might miss a couple of questions on a test, doesn’t mean you’re dumb.

I got a 70 on an essay before my freshman year in high school and I remember honestly being furious because I spent so much time on it. But the next time I submitted an essay, I got a better grade and my average went up. I have been writing for well, forever and I now get a lot of compliments about my writing. Not to get on my high horse or something but I know I write good and even if I got told my writing sucks, I don’t care. I know I write good.

I also typically succeed in history too because not only is it my favorite subject, I can easily remember what I’m taught. There are obviously times where I don’t achieve a 100 on a test/homework but that’s completely fine. In math my freshman year, I almost failed my first semester because I didn’t have a good teacher which resulted in me teaching myself. It was quite difficult but I managed to pass with a literal 70. I went all the way to pre calculus and I made much better grades throughout high school.

You’re not going to always do good in a class and that’s completely normal. Nobody should expect you to get an A on every single little thing. If you end up having to drop a class due to your own personal reasons, then feel free to do so, it doesn’t mean you’re too stupid to take it. I’ve seen people drop out of classes because the work load is too much, the teacher isn’t good, or maybe they just don’t like the class.

So, take my advice which is try your hardest in school and if you fail, it’s not the end of the world. Grades don’t necessarily = hard work ya know, some people cheat to be on top.

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