Writing Isn’t for Everyone

Everyone can write, but not everyone can become a good writer. That’s just the harsh truth but with practice and patience, you could hopefully become a decent writer. I’ve learned that as I practice making stories and writing short blog posts, I sharpen my writing skills. Taking a break from writing makes me a lil rusty so I try to write 24/7 but I’ll obviously get breaks from time to time. You gotta remember though that I’ve been writing how I am now for literally 8 years haha, I have had plenty of practice but I’m not a perfect writer.

In fact, nobody can be become a perfect writer

I think it’s very important to acknowledge that writing isn’t for everyone & that there’s no such thing as perfect writing skills. My style of writing isn’t for everyone and someone else’s style might not be my cup of tea either. Everyone has a different style of writing but not everyone is going to enjoy writing as a hobby. Some people write just because they need to, like in an English class.

Just because you like to write straight to the point and not put in a lot of details doesn’t mean you write bad and vice versa. I’m tired of people saying extra details = great story and if you don’t have that then your writing needs to be fixed. I write things that get straight to the point because I don’t want to spend ten fucking minutes talking about something else. If you like a lot of details, that’s good, and if you don’t that’s fine. There is a way to perfectly balance out everything, you just gotta figure it out.

Recently I’ve gotten a lot of comments about my writing and I feel really good that people enjoy reading my posts. I’ve worked my ass off to write things that I want to talk about and to see so many people enjoy what I have to say is quite simply amazing. If you write 24/7 like I do, you can understand how hard it is to come up with different topics to talk about and to make sure your writing is crisp and clean.

I’m only 19 and I’ve been writing as a hobby for a long-ass time. You may be 16 and just now starting to write or whatever. Regardless of your position, you can get better at writing by just simply WRITING! Keep making up stories and keep uploading blogs, you can become a good writer if you try.

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