Having Faith

I kind of wanted to write a personal piece about what it’s like to have faith in myself and what I do. Obviously you’re probably going to be able to tell this isn’t going to be a religious based kind of faith, this is about faith in general.

I know what it’s like to have a weird relationship with faith, meaning that a lot of the times I wouldn’t have faith in myself and sometimes I would. I now trust my judgment the majority of the time but back then I felt very odd. I didn’t have a complete sense of confidence within myself and that resulted in me doubting myself a lot. I know a lot of people think of faith and immediately have religion come to mind or even maybe a particular person they know of. Perhaps you might even think of an event such as having faith in your surgery going well.

I think it’s important to always have faith in yourself and even in others. Sometimes people are gonna let you down and honestly disappoint you but you got to acknowledge that this is life and that’s how it works. Have faith in your writing, art, your grades in school, friends, etc. Know that you can do something good if you try your hardest. If you lack confidence within yourself and maybe towards others, I think you will eventually just be in a negative mindset most of the time.

It’s also really important to acknowledge that not everything you do is going to be 100% perfect or just up to your own standards. You will eventually disappoint yourself and that’s okay because you just got to get up and try it again. I used to get really disappointed with my writing style but I started working really hard and I eventually got to a good point.

If you just have faith in yourself and you try your hardest to remain confident, I think you will be fine. Obviously there’s going to be times where you are stuck in a negative mindset and you don’t think you can actually do something, but in reality you can. You just don’t think you can. It’s easier said than done to actually start navigating towards a positive mindset in life but you got to achieve this one step at a time.

Remaining positive is honestly a hard task to accomplish, especially since this world is full of negativity. Have faith within yourself and trust your judgement.

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