Men Can Be Emotional

Do you know what I’m tired of? I’m tired of people bullying men for crying, I’m sick of people acting like guys can’t be emotional, and I’m fed up with parents teaching their son(s) to basically be emotionless. Crying isn’t a “sign of weakness” it just means you’re a normal human being. This type of ignorant parenting pushes men into a cycle where they teach their kids to hide their feelings and so on and so forth. The cycle keeps repeating itself until one day someone stops it.

I used to honestly be embarrassed about crying and whatnot, I used to think it made me look weak. I know now that it’s completely normal and crying just means I’m expressing my emotions. I can’t believe I actually fed into the idea that hiding your emotions makes you tougher, it’s actually ridiculous. Telling people how you feel isn’t bad, it’s a good thing. Keeping whatever you’re feeling bottled up inside will only make things worse.

I remember being told that crying makes me “look like a girl” and I cannot express how disgusting that statement is. Instead of putting down men, how about you let them know it’s okay to not always be strong. You can let your guard down every once in a while and let people see your vulnerable side.

Men can be emotional

Men can show weakness

Men can be vulnerable

I know I’m probably a broken record at this point, but I’m just honestly so tired of people trying to make men out to be these bad people who are emotionless. We need to stop the cycle of having kids then telling them it’s not okay to cry over something.

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