Being Transmed

So I acknowledge that I will most likely get hate on this post just like I did with my gender dysphoria one, but I honestly don’t care. I’m transmed and I wouldn’t necessarily say the transmed side of things is better than the tucutes but I will say that I have seen an increasing percentage of people getting kicked out of communities on reddit just because they are transmed. Obviously that can happen to the tucutes too but I’ve seen it happen more with transmeds.

Keep in mind, a lot of these people don’t even say anything related to gender dysphoria in a community that has trans people in it, people that run the trans communities simply go through people’s post history from OTHER communities and ban them right then and there if they have anything associated with “yeah I believe you need gender dysphoria in order to be trans.” For example, there’s a truscum community (another word for transmed) and even cis people are in it. If you’re in another community ran by trans people they could quickly kick your ass out for even being in the truscum community.


I like to talk to people who disagree with me all the time and I think it’s a necessary thing in life to challenge your own ideas. I don’t think anyone who believes you need gender dysphoria in order to be trans or even the opposite side of that could say that they are “proud” of their ideas. I think that just sounds odd but I don’t know that’s just my perspective. it’s kind of hard to talk about this without mentioning gender dysphoria because obviously that’s a huge factor in this. I do not want to talk about if you need it or not because that’s not really the point of this post, I’m just trying to give you an idea of what it’s like to have these ideas and be kicked out of small trans communities regardless of if it’s on reddit or instagram.

I do not want to say it’s hard being a transmed because that just sounds so stupid. I have noticed though that being a transmed could get you into some serious heat. I’m only in one community on Reddit that involves truscum and honestly it’s the one place that I’ve seen, even though I do not post in there nor comment, that is nice and everyone has their own different opinions about things. I’ve actually seen people who aren’t even transmed ask questions in the community and they do not get told to fuck off or something like that even if they disagree with the gender dysphoria thing.


I just find it really hard to be in the trans community overall when it’s obvious that if you think you need dysphoria to be trans you’re automatically labeled as a literal CIS boot licker. I remember making my gender dysphoria post back in July and I had people, even actual cis people, bash me and tell me I’m gatekeeping and blah blah blah. I don’t necessarily get hurt when people say these things I mean I honestly don’t care lol I think it’s just really annoying though that a lot of tucutes act as if truscum is so bad when they fucking told me to shut the fuck up, I’m kissing the asses of cis people, I’m strengthening WHITE SUPREMACY LMAO, etc. (Yeah I got told that last part) 

I’m really sick and tired of seeing these posts that align with my view on here that are written in a way that is not meant to be rude yet they get tossed away in the garbage bin whereas anything tucute related is automatically featured. It makes me angry. You can be a transmed and be polite, but I do realize that there are a ton of transmeds that make the majority of us look bad but obviously we cannot control what they do.

This post was pretty long but honestly I was so tired of people having to hide their opinions because they don’t want any hate. Also, hopefully this did not come across as me trying to “play the victim.” I’m not a victim in any sort of way. If you comment something rude I’m going to delete your comment ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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