Not Everything Is a Competition

Look, we’ve all been there, you compare yourself to others and you try to compete with them. For example, maybe you’re trans and you’re trying to get on HRT before your friend does. Not everything is a competition and it’s important to know that because if you keep comparing yourself to others instead of just focusing on yourself, you will get nowhere in life. Hell, even in sports you should focus solely on yourself. You can build some muscle, improve your skills, practice every day, etc.

I used to compare myself to others and it took a toll on me. It got to the point where I felt defeated and as if I was a failure. But now I know that I’m not a failure at all, I was just stuck in a horrible mindset. You don’t have to compete with others about anything, life is not about who has the most money or who has the best set of skills, it’s about what you do within your life span. Will you pursue your dreams or be stuck in someone’s shadow? Will you live your life caring about what others think or what you think?

I know it’s not necessarily easy to get out of a negative mindset, but you have to start from somewhere. How do you think I got here? Just by sitting on my ass? Obviously I’m being sarcastic but my point still stands. You need to be firm with yourself but at the same time be understanding. You also need to be focusing on your own happiness.

Take it from someone who has some experience dealing with this, you cannot live your life being happy when all you do is compare yourself to everyone you come across. Everything you do can be accomplished at your own pace instead of labeling everything as a competition of some sort.

This was a relatively short post but hey, gotta get the message out.

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