There are plenty of people on this planet that are truly afraid of having surgery, and there are some people who are completely calm about it. I’ve had 3 surgical procedures: I had one procedure to take out both my spleen and my gallbladder, the next was my tonsils, and my last surgery was top surgery. All 3 procedures went well if you’re wondering haha and yes, I was very young when I had my first 2 operations.

Being young and going into surgery can make pretty much any kid feel nervous, I was so confused about what was even happening though. I remember understanding I would be basically put to sleep but I didn’t realize what kind of procedure I was having done. I just remember feeling an excruciating amount of pain near my stomach that wouldn’t go away and this surgery would fix it. (I’m talking about my gallbladder and spleen removal)

I’m not going to explain what a gallbladder or a spleen even is but what I’ll tell you is that you should pray that you never have to experience what I did. Gallstones caused me to be in so much pain and my spleen was becoming enlarged. It was an absolute pain in my god damn ass and I was only 8 or 9 when this all happened. Anyways, my other surgeries weren’t so bad, the recovery process wasn’t rough at all.

Surgery isn’t really something I’m afraid of but I don’t like it either. I’m not afraid of being put to sleep but at the same time it’s very odd. You fall asleep and it’s not even like time has gone by when you wake up, it’s as if all of a sudden you woke up from a 5 second nap. I usually went into surgery at 7-9 am and I would wake up in the afternoon extremely confused and sleepy.

You’re lucky if you never need to have any surgical procedures, it’s expensive and annoying to deal with. It’s okay to be afraid though, surgery isn’t just a casual walk through the park, it’s a serious event. If you’ve ever had surgery, feel free to talk about your experiences in the comment section.

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