Your First Job: Tips & Advice

So, we all know due to the pandemic there has been a significant increase of unemployed people. Luckily there are many companies such as Target and Kroger that have been hiring tons of people and even granting raises! I was able to get a job at a yogurt shop that’s fairly popular and it’s called Menchies. It’s a good first job for people who’ve never had a job, such as myself.


Look up reviews of the company made by prior/current employees.

See if you can find the dress code for that specific job. My job makes us wear a hat, apron, and a shirt with the company logo on it. You might find a company that doesn’t allow shorts or something like that.

Link your resume to your job application, there are free apps such as CV Maker Resume Builder: that you can use to make a resume. Even if you’ve never had a job before, you can still include your resume to show what kind of education you have and whatnot.

In your resume, add things such as your skills and hobbies. For example, in my resume I said I love to organize things and I enjoy cleaning.

Look up how much the job pays and if you cannot find a good source for that type of information, ask about it in the interview.

If you have piercings, tattoos, and/or colored hair, make sure it’s allowed.


You may feel nervous going into an interview or even starting your first job, but don’t worry! You’re new and nobody is going to expect you to understand how things work asap. Ask questions when you don’t understand something and feel free to contact your boss if you need help doing something if they’re not there at work.

Try your hardest to gain a tip! Greet the customers and make sure the place you have a job at is clean/organized! I always make sure I clean up as soon as a customer gets their yogurt and leaves.

It’s normal to have an annoying boss. Hell, my boss is honestly annoying sometimes. She will tell us (the workers) to put our phones up yet she’ll call the store and ask if we got her texts. And she’ll tell you to do so many things at one time. Just make sure you are on your bosses good side y’all lol.

Work somewhere that isn’t bad for your mental health! If you get a job somewhere and it has a toxic environment, LEAVE! You’re gonna end up kicking yourself in the ass if you stayed longer than 2 months.

Apply to SEVERAL companies all that once! That’s what I did and after looking for a job for many months, I found one.

I hope everything that I’ve said has somewhat been helpful! Good luck!

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