Clothing ≠ Gender Part 2

Part one of this two part series can be located here: In that post I go over basic things such as changing your clothes doesn’t mean you’re “switching genders” and talking about how clothing can help out your dysphoria. In this post I want to go into depth about my personal experiences dealing with people who think just because I’m trans I can’t wear certain clothing, I have to look masc 24/7, etc.

Being trans doesn’t not equal being strictly masculine or feminine. I only briefly talked about what I wore as a kid in the first post, but trust me, I wore a lot of feminine clothing and still do. I wear short shorts, tank tops from the girls section, hoop earrings, etc. I honestly could care less about what people think of my clothing choices haha. I had a family member tell me I’m gonna confuse everyone if I wore hoops and guess what? I still wore them. Wearing a different kind of earrings and such doesn’t mean I’m not trans. It just means I can wear whatever I want.


Wearing feminine clothes doesn’t make you a woman! And vice versa!

I cannot tell you guys how many times I’ve had people say I shouldn’t do this or that because I’m trans and it will “confuse everyone.” Please listen to us trans people when we say we want to wear whatever we want without being talked down to. We are humans too and we deserve to be comfortable within our own bodies. Clothing doesn’t dictate your gender identity AT ALL.

Yeah sure, some clothing choices can be deemed as “odd”, such as a trans man wearing a crop top with no binder on, but I mean…who cares honestly. It will make it easier for people to misgender you if you do wear stuff like that but that’s only because people just gender you based upon what you look like. They don’t do it on purpose unless for some reason they know you’re trans yet still misgender you.

Soooo..please for the love of God let us wear whatever we want.

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